Thursday, April 25, 2013

BLOCKED Accessible Routes: the BUILDING BLOCKS of accessibility have been forgotten

As in my previous post I walked around this subject property only to find countless raised tripping hazards and BLOCKED accessible routes related to wheel chair accessibility.

Photo one shows a 2" lift of paver bricks which have been in this condition for over a year and are typical at the property. Noted: Violation of  "Changes in level" - ICC/ANSI A117.1 -2003 Chapter 3 /303.2.

Tripping and accessibility are but one issue.

In photo two, a storefront construction project has made it impossible to access the ground floor sidewalk without being directed into a planter or, worse yet, into a vehicular traffic lane. The plywood enclosure could have been set back 4' to allow for access, but no oversight by management allows for this condition to exist for over 2 years.

Should any handicapped person find themselves in this location, their only alternate route will take them to the inaccessible curb cut as previewed in my previous post.

There is no excuse for this condition. Kudos to "The Board"....they did upgrade the workout room!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Another lawsuit which could be avoided!

The photos speak for themselves.  A condo project in Ft Lauderdale has paver walkways with accessible curb cuts per code. For almost 2 years the pavers have risen in many locations, and caused a tripping hazard. Now the accessible entrance ramp to the walk has become virtually unsafe and inaccessible. The adjacent ramp is in fine condition. To make matters worse the Management Company was made aware of this condition and the Board has opted to spend money on fancy plantings (as seen in the photo) rather than comply with ADA requirements. 

This is not only pure negligence but shows the wanton disregard for safety and the misdirected goals of uninformed boards and poorly performing management companies alike. 

One would assume common sense would govern here, but then again ...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Condos BEWARE of Life Safety Issues

Falling concrete, uplifted pavers, cracked concrete walks, broken glass, loose guard rails and other unsafe conditions can cause severe life safety issues and lead to damage to property and more importantly public safety and injury concerns.
Older structures can have countless conditions where various components are in a failed condition and reveal life safety issues. Whether a piece of personal property is damaged or personal injury occurs the Property HOA and their Management Team is ultimately responsible for existing conditions and the observation and analysis of such obvious deficiencies. International Property Maintenance Code, 2012, Section 108 states: "An unsafe structure is one that is found to be dangerous to the life, health, property or safety of the public or the occupants of the structure by not providing minimum safe guards to protect or warn the occupants" Furthermore "Damage,decay, dilapidation and unsafe structural components" should be observed by a professional and repaired in a timely fashion as not expose the public to dangerous conditions.
Should budget concerns not allow for immediate repair all efforts should be taken to limit access to areas that would allow for the possibility of damage to personal property or result in personal injury. Common sense should govern here but in many cases the HOA or Managers wait until injury or damage occurs until action is taken. This mindset lends itself to costly litigation. In instances where a Inspection Professional has notified the HOA and Management of such conditions and no preventative action takes place there is little to no legal defense should should injury or damage occur.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Coronado of Highland Beach see the finish line of Phase One Restoration

The Coronado Beach Club of Highland Beach , Florida nears the end of its 2012 construction season. The pro active approach of Mr. Peter Krebs, Condo Board V.P. has been instrumental in this years success coupled with the input of the consulting firm, Building Solutions, Inc. of Fort Lauderdale. Clubhouse hurricane window replacement and structural concrete repair, Gazebo re-construction,
tennis court concrete repair and resurfacing, new common area bathrooms along overall concrete restoration has the Coronado well on its way to a well maintained and pristine property. Mr. Krebs, along with the management team has put the building's integrity ahead of all else and moved forward swiftly this summer while directing their construction team. David Galassi of BSI has used cutting edge component assessments & recommendations and carried out the 2012 construction plan on time and at a competitively sound price point. BSI looks forward to 2013 and a continued relationship with The Coronado.

David Galassi named Certified Building Official

The International Code council along with The State of Florida have awarded the following certifications to David Galassi, Principal at Building Solutions, Inc., Fort Lauderdale. Building Code Administrator # BU 1774 / Florida Certified Building Official #8228440 / ICC Certified E1 Electrical Inspector # 8228440 / ICC Certified P1 Plumbing Inspector #8228440 / ICC Certified M1 Mechanical Inspector # 8228440 / ICC These are coupled with current certifications as a State Building Inspector # BN 6263, and ICC Commercial/Residential Building Inspector and Building Plans Examiner Certifications #8228440. The current certifications are valid thru 2015 and makes Building Solutions the most well rounded and qualified firm of choice for clients in South Florida and beyond.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Additional ICC tests on the horizon

David Galassi of Building Solutions has been approved by The Florida Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation as a BUILDING CODE ADMINISTRATOR. The International Code Council will administer further testing within 60 days under the classification of Certified Building Official (CBO) in two modules. (Technical and Legal/Administrative) This additional certification adds to the resources Building Solutions brings to its clients.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Coronado, Highland Beach Florida, joins forces with David Galassi and Building Solutions, Inc.

The Coronado Club of Highland Beach, Florida, has retained David Galassi as Construction Program Manager. For the year 2012, David Galassi and Building Solutions, Inc. will oversee all facets of construction and aid Property Manager, Mr. Bill Neel, with day-to-day construction tasks. The Building Solutions Team will write specifications, handle the bidding process and act as special inspectors for specific work while also acting as owners representative and contractor liaison. "We are excited and happy to have David and his team on board to help us with our master construction plan," cited Mr. Neel. Work is scheduled to begin on the multi-million dollar condominium complex in Spring 2012.