Thursday, April 25, 2013

BLOCKED Accessible Routes: the BUILDING BLOCKS of accessibility have been forgotten

As in my previous post I walked around this subject property only to find countless raised tripping hazards and BLOCKED accessible routes related to wheel chair accessibility.

Photo one shows a 2" lift of paver bricks which have been in this condition for over a year and are typical at the property. Noted: Violation of  "Changes in level" - ICC/ANSI A117.1 -2003 Chapter 3 /303.2.

Tripping and accessibility are but one issue.

In photo two, a storefront construction project has made it impossible to access the ground floor sidewalk without being directed into a planter or, worse yet, into a vehicular traffic lane. The plywood enclosure could have been set back 4' to allow for access, but no oversight by management allows for this condition to exist for over 2 years.

Should any handicapped person find themselves in this location, their only alternate route will take them to the inaccessible curb cut as previewed in my previous post.

There is no excuse for this condition. Kudos to "The Board"....they did upgrade the workout room!


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